About JKB Cakes

Who makes these delicious cakes anyway?

blondels-siteJKB Cakes is a retail bakery business, owned and operated by Jerome & Kris Blondel. We are a small family business and have become known for our “made from scratch” cakes and confections. The JKB  light buttercream icing, made with real butter, has been a huge hit with customers since day one. Famous for buttercream icing? Yes! Many customers have been referred to JKB Cakess because of the light buttercream icing.

Jerome and Kris are from very different backgrounds, but have grown together in very similar ways. Jerome was born and raised in Normandie, France. He moved to the United States and has followed in his fathers footsteps as a second generation pastry chef. Kris was born and raised right here in Coon Rapids, MN and was a 1987 graduate of Blaine High School.

After high school  both attended and graduated in 1989 from Dunwoody Baking Institute, Upon graduation the couple had a dream in about opening a bakery. After dreaming about this for 9 years, the dream was finally established on October 22, 1998 when we opened JKB Cakes.

Serving customers to the best of our ability with made from scratch cakes and sweet delights was the mission in 1998 and that mission is still going strong in 2016!

Jerome & Kris

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